Rhode Island Envirothon, Inc. is committed to the principles of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, and will diligently work to comply with all provisions of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI) which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 which prohibits discrimination or exclusion based on physical limitations; and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which provides further anti-discriminatory provisions and protections for persons with physical limitations. Further, Rhode Island Envirothon, Inc. will abide by Title IX provisions which prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of handicap.

Therefore, all programs and activities are available to all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital or family status.

To file a complaint of discrimination, write the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights, 180 Westminster Street, 3rd Floor, Providence, RI 02903 or call 401/222-2661 (TTY: 401/222-2664) Fax: 401-222-2616, or on the web at


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