Competition Rules

Updated 05/11/15

1. Only students enrolled in grades 6 through 12 (or equivalent home school ranking as recognized by their home school district) are eligible to compete in the Rhode Island Envirothon.

    a. High School Division 9 - 12
    b. Middle School Division 6 - 8

2. A school, 4-H club, Boy/Girl scout troop or other recognized youth group may enter 1 or 2 teams in the Envirothon. Club or troop members must be from a single group.

3. All teams must pay the team registration prior to the date established by RI Envirothon Inc. No team will be allowed to participate in the Envirothon without payment of registration.

4. A roster listing names of team members and advisor/teacher/coach must be submitted to the Envirothon Coordinator. Each student must complete a registration and have it signed by a parent or legal guardian. The registration is due at sign-in on the day of the competition.

5. Each team will consist of five students from the same school or organization.

6. Ninth grade students attending a junior high/middle school may be on the team if the junior high/middle school is a feeder to the named high school.

7. An advisor/coach/teacher or other adult with responsible charge must accompany a team on the day of the Envirothon.

8. All tobacco, drugs, and alcohol are prohibited.

9. Advisors/Coaches/Teachers will be responsible for the proper conduct of their team at all times.

10. RI Envirothon, Inc. may provide workshops in the topics of Forestry, Soils, Aquatic Ecology, Wildlife and an Environmental Issue, at times and places that would be announced to all registered teams. Study materials, reading lists, web-sites, and contact individuals may be made available at these workshops. Teams unable to attend a workshop(s) may be able to pick up study materials by making arrangements with the Envirothon Coordinator. The Environmental Issue may or may not be related to the current Environmental Issue of the Canon Envirothon.

11. No reference materials or tools, except those provided on site, will be allowed during the Envirothon.

12. Generally there shall be four (4) resource test stations: Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Soils, and Wildlife. Some years there may be a station related to the Environmental Issue. In some instances multiple areas of study may be tested at any station.

13. Testing at the resource stations shall consist of written tests (multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank) and/or problem solving scenarios.

14. During testing, the advisors/coaches/teachers will not be allowed to have any contact with their respective teams, however advisors/coaches/teachers may visit the testing sites as long as no member of their team are present at the site.

15. The Problem Scenario for the Environmental Issue shall be provided to all registered teams at least three weeks prior to the date of the Envirothon. At the Envirothon, Teams shall present an Oral Presentation addressing the Problem Scenario to a panel of judges selected by RI Envirothon, Inc.

    a. The Team's Oral presentation will be 8 to 10 minutes in length. (Penalty for over or under time shall be 1 point per minute.)
    b. Judges shall have a maximum of 5 minutes questioning time.
    c. All five team members MUST participate orally in the presentation.
    d. NO electronic equipment will be permitted.
    e. Visual aids are limited to those listed in the rules sent with the Problem Scenario each year, or as allowed by RI Envirothon, Inc.
    f. Oral presentation scores will be based on a criteria sheet approved by RI Envirothon, Inc. A copy of the scoring criteria sheet may be included with the Problem Scenario.
    g. Advisors/teachers/coaches may make arrangements to record their team's oral presentation, if there are no objections from other advisors/coaches/teachers and if it does not interfere with the presentation schedule.
    h. Competing Teams/Advisors/Coaches/teachers are not allowed to observe other team's presentations.

16. Scoring:

    a. Each station shall be scored on a 100 point basis.
    b. The Oral Presentation shall be scored on a 100 point basis.
    c. RI Envirothon, Inc. will determine the tiebreaker for naming a winning team.
    d. The respective Section supervisor will determine tiebreakers for the individual site awards.

17. The decision of the judges and/or RI Envirothon, Inc shall be final.

18. Awards. RI Envirothon, Inc. at its sole discretion, shall determine the most appropriate way to recognize the overall winning team, and the top-scoring team in each of the resource areas. Generally, the overall winning team, as determined by the sum of each team's resource station and oral presentation scores, shall have their school/organization name engraved on the John H. Chaffee Memorial Envirothon Plaque, and may be presented with a plaque for their school, or other such recognition as determined by RI Envirothon, Inc. Site awards may also be presented to the top scoring team from each resource station, and individual awards may be presented to each member of the winning team(s).

19. Disqualification:

    a. A team may be disqualified for violation of any rules or regulations of Rhode Island Envirothon, Inc.
    b. A team may be disqualified for unauthorized access to the Envirothon testing site within 2 days of the competition.

20. These rules and regulations are subject to change by RI Envirothon, Inc. All rules and regulations will be provided to teams and advisors/teachers/coaches prior to the Envirothon..


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